Sega Mega Drive / Genesis

This was the third console released by Sega, developed by an R&D team from Sega 16 bit arcade board. There are over 900 games available for the system. The console did not do well in Japan but did well in the North American, Brazilian and European markets mainly due to arcade titles being available such as the “Sonic” series of games.

Processor Type: Motorola 68000 (Main), Zilog Z80 (Sub)

Processor Speed: 7.6MHz (Main), 3.58MHz (Sub)

RAM: 72kb (Main), 64kb (Video)

ROM: None

Display: None – Connection to a TV via RF or 9 pin AV Out

Sound: Yamaha YM2612 FM

Storage: Games on ROM Cartridge

Network: Online service to play 17 games via add-on dial-up modem

Original Release Date: September 1990 (PAL Regions)

Discontinued: 1999

Cost (New in 1990): £189.99

Cost (In 2018 Price): £450.28

Modifications I have performed:


Cost to me for computer £32.00

Cost to me for repairs and upgrades £0.00

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