Apple PowerMac G4

The PowerPC G4 was released by Apple in 1999, it came in a “tower” desktop style case in various colours, Apple sold the machines in standard variations and also let customers customise the configuration. It was the first Apple product to have the name shortened to “Mac” from “Macintosh”

Processor Type: Motorola PowerPC G4 7400

Processor Speed: 350 – 500MHz

RAM: Up to 2GB (SDRAM PC100)

ROM: None

Display: None – Connection to monitor via DVI connection

Sound: Unknown but integrated in to main logic board

Storage: IDE Hard Drive and optical drive (Floppy, tape and ZIP drives were optional)

Network: 10/100 Ethernet and 56k Modem

Original Release Date: August 1999

Discontinued: June 2004

Cost (New in 1999): Ranging from £1199 to £2699 (with TFT monitor)

Cost (In 2018 Price): Ranging from £2041.15 to £4594.71

Modifications I have performed:

Fitted RAM and Hard Drive as system did not have any fitted

Cost to me for computer £20.00

Cost to me for repairs and upgrades £0.00

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