The C64 Mini

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I know strictly this is not old or collectable, but it does fit in the retro theme of this site, so that is what I am sticking with.  This modern retro console has 64 classic integrated games from the Commodore 64.  It connected to a TV via HDMI and has classic style joystick.  You can also load other games not  included via USB drive.

Processor Type: Unknown

Processor Speed: Unknown

RAM: Unknown

ROM: Unknown

Display: None (connected to TV)

Sound: Integrated with HDMI connection to TV

Storage: None (can use USB for saved games)

Network: None

Original Release Date: 2018

Discontinued: Still Current

Cost (New in 2018): £49.99 upwards (depending on seller)

Cost (In 2018 Price): £49.99 upwards (depending on seller)

Modifications I Have Made: None

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