Atari ST 1040 STF

The Atari ST is the first personal computer to come with a bitmapped color GUI, using a version of Digital Research’s GEM released in February 1985 on the original 520ST, when the computer was upgrade to the 1040ST, released in 1986, is was the first personal computer to ship with a megabyte of RAM in the base configuration.

Processor Type: Motorola 68000

Processor Speed: 8MHz


ROM: None

Display: UHF and Monitor ports on some models, others just had monitor ports.

Sound: 4 Channel (3 Squarewave and 1 White Noise)

Storage: 3.5 inch Floppy Disc Drive, some later models could have hard drive installed.

Network: None

Original Release Date: June 1985

Discontinued: 1993

Cost (New in 1984): £799 (with monochrome CRT monitor)

Cost (In 2018 Price): £2039.11


Modifications I have performed:

None, this system has been fully refurbished by the person I purchased it from


Cost to me for computer £162.89

Cost to me for repairs and upgrades £0.00


1 thought on “Atari ST 1040 STF”

  1. John Cove says:

    The best machine on the planet 🙂

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