Commodore VIC 20

The VIC-20 was intended to be more economical than the previous PET computer. It was equipped with 5 KB of static RAM and used the same MOS 6502 CPU as the PET. The VIC-20’s video chip, the MOS Technology VIC, was a general-purpose colour video chip designed by Al Charpentier in 1977 and intended for use in inexpensive display terminals and game consoles, but Commodore could not find a market for the chip.

Processor Type: MOS 6502

Processor Speed: 1.108404MHz



Display: Connection via UHF for TV Tuner or Composite/SCART

Sound: Four Channel

Storage: None Internal, External Cassette, Floppy Disc

Network: None

Original Release Date: 1981

Discontinued: January 1985


Cost (New in 1981): £169.99

Cost (In 2018 Price): £694.76


Modifications I have performed:


Cost to me for computer £100.00

Cost to me for repairs and upgrades £0.00


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